Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Warning**husband rant in progress**Warning

Ok so Chris is staying with my sister & her family 1 night a week so we can save on gas money. He's at a new jobsite that's just as far away as the last one but this has the advantage of being an 8 hour day & it's close to my sis.

(begin rant)

I get extremely wiped out when I have to do the night routine with the kids so him being out of town is hard on me. Chris called me at 9:30 this morning to tell me they got rained out today & were sent home. He mentioned how it's a good thing he's staying with sis cos if he had to come home it would be a huge waste of money.

Yes that's true but my selfish wifeyness says "dagnabit that sucks!"

K, got over that, but as I was doing homework with Sam tonight my phone rang repeatedly. I was not about to answer cos Sam was actually concentrating (very unusual) so I forged on & pretended I didn't hear anything.

After we got done I checked my phone & I had 437 2 missed calls from Chris. I call him back & he says all sleepy sounding, "Where were you? I called twice."

"Ummm, doing homework with Sam & I'm not going to answer when he's on a roll."

"Oh. Well, I'm totally exhausted so I want to say goodnight to the kids now."


I comply like the good wife I am (snicker) and he says an extrememly short good night to the kids.

Now, when he's out of town we always talk right before we go to sleep & read our bible chapter over the phone. Not so tonight.

"Honey? I'm going to say goodnight to you too. I just can't stay awake anymore."

Again, wha??

How the heck is he so tired after hanging out at my sister's all day? I'm here at home, working my fingers to the bone for his children spending meaningful time with our kids, making them waffles with strawberry sauce a highly nutritious, balanced meal for our scream fest nice quiet dinner, and he's tired from sitting around doing nothing?

What-the freak-ever!

(end rant)

I'm SO looking forward to seeing Chris tomorrow night, I've missed him so much!

Love you honey!!


Boringo said...

And this is why I love being a man. We're like buffaloes. The house could be burning down around me and I'd ask Shondra - do you smell some smoke?

Kate said...

I hate it when my hubby is out of town. Everything is out of whack. And we don't even have kids. Don't get me wrong, I support him--as I know you do--that just doesn't mean I have to like having him gone. Or at least that's my opinion. =)

Kate said...

P.S. And then he comes home and proceeds to watch The Day After Tomorrow, which he doesn't even like that much, for the 80 jillionth time. And I have to refrain from not strangling him. It's still better than him being gone.

Anonymous said...

Me too, I HATE the bedtime routine.

Getting Pj's on, brushing teeth, praying, reading, tucking into bed etc.

I think it's just b/c I'm so darn beat by the end of the day.

I would be ranting too! :)

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