Wednesday, June 4, 2008

BBB day 2

So yesterday was a 1-step-forward day & today has been a 1-step-back day.

I did not even look at what my babystep was for today.
I did not do my 15 minutes of de-cluttering.
I did do my grocery shopping. (hard to ignore that one)
I did not walk with BFF. (raining or we would have)
I did not do laundry.
I did not clean the bathroom.
I did not work outside. (again, raining)
I did blog. (like I'd miss blogging, duh!)


I was tired, kids were grumpy, it was raining, and I had to do grocery shopping with grumpy kids. So. Not. Fun.

And now here I am, spilling my guts to you. I could lie through my teeth (or would that be fingers?) & tell you I got all my stuff done & hooray for me. But I'm all about being honest & transparent so I'm showing you all my lazy pathetic glory. Yuck!

But tomorrow is another day. A day in which, as FlyLady says, I am not behind!


Kate said...

I am always suspicious of people who never have bad days. I think that makes me a mean person. It does make me feel better about my less-than-perfect days.

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