Tuesday, June 3, 2008

BBB day 1

So today was babystep #1, Go Shine your sink.
(for the official directions, click here)

Unfortunately my sink will not actually shine. It's a very old porcelain sink & has lots of stains I can't get out now matter what I try (and I've tried everything!) But I went ahead & 'shined' the dang thing & it looks much better now. The stains are still there but overall the sink is much brighter.

Here's my to do list for the day:

Find control journal, do day 1 baby-steps, de-clutter 15 min
Walk with BFF @ 9 - bring invites to Mrs. L’s room
What’s for dinner?
Clean bathroom
Work outside, plant beans, water, string on porch
Blogging - Sundays FLY post, fix link to Janae & Kelly, reading, PPP

So what did I get done?

Here I am with my Control Journal, so obviously I found it & I already talked about my sink.

I also did 15 minutes of de-cluttering my desk, walked with BFF, got Sam's invites to his classroom, got dinner planned & worked on Sunday's blog. Not everything on my list but not a bad showing overall. (And I added an unexpected meeting to the day - I'll talk about that more in another post, it's something I'm really excited about.) I did drag my feet on the sink & de-cluttering but when I finally got my butt in gear did them it felt so great. FlyLady would say "I'm so proud of you!"

I need to work on not procrastinating. I would have gotten much more done had I just jumped right in. But I need to remember I'm taking babysteps & working on things 15 minutes at a time.
First day down, now to see what Tuesday brings :)


Kate said...

Good for you! I've been working on the shiny sink one. Although mine is shared by a man who uses it for cleaning paint brushes and the like, so it's never going to be completely, literally shiny. But it's the idea.

And hey, I think that this is the first picture I've seen of you--you're as lovely outside as inside. =)

Mari said...

I have that procrastination problem too. It surprises me how much I can get done in a short time if I just do it!

Header image by sabrinaeras @ Flickr