Monday, June 2, 2008

Feels like I've done a marathon

So yesterday was clean the house day. We say that every weekend but this time we actually did it. Well, we didn't pay much attention to upstairs or our bedroom but the rest of the house looks great - yay us! I cleaned the kitchen, vacuumed the rugs (& the spiders - eww), picked up the living room & helped to do a detailed sweeping job. Chris picked up the family room, helped with the sweeping, and cleaned most of the bathroom, did you get that? He did the BATHROOM!!

We were motivated to do all this because we are having Sam's birthday party on Saturday, (he turns 6 on Sunday - my baby is getting so big! *sniff*) and we have invited all 9 of his K-kid classmates to the party. (Yes I may need to be committed afterward but I'm sure I'll get lots of blogging material out of it!) I don't know most of the parents so I want the house (at least the part they will see) to be sparkling.

I should add that we got all this done while watching my BFF's 3 boys, ages 6, 3 & 18 mo. For once the kids played nicely together & we had very few fights. I hardly had to get involved with the older kids at all & the lil guy hung out with Chris & I. I always love playing with toddlers...especially if they aren't mine!

I have a few jobs to finish during the week, like scrubbing the toilet (but I'm NOT complaining), picking up the kids rooms and such but other than that it's just upkeep.

Today I'm starting on my beginner babysteps so stay tuned for that tomorrow.


Kate said...

Good for you guys--and bathroom cleaning is the pits. It's like they designed toilets to be as difficult to clean as possible.

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