Monday, May 12, 2008

The day after or, plant on momma, plant on.

Hi y'all, didja have a good momma's day?
Me too!

On Friday Sam brought me home a laminated picture of a teacup with a heart & a tea bag stapled to it (thanks to Mrs. L.) On the back it says 'Mom I love you Sam' in his funny lil K-kid printing. I put it up on the wall by my desk instead of the opposite wall where we usually put his masterpieces, and he had this to say about it:

"Mom, I want it over there!"
"Honey, I want it where I can see it, I love my mothers day drawing from you."
"Mom! It's mine, I made it!!"

Hmmmm, don't think he's got the gift concept yet. Oh well, I'm not moving it, it's mine I tell you, MINE!

My darling Chris knew the day was coming but did not pay attention to when it actually was so I got kicked urged strongly out of bed to make everyone breakfast. And I got nothing from the twinnies, who had no idea what the day was.

As soon as Chris figured out what day it was he apologised profusely and had the kids say happy mothers day and give me some X's and O's. Love my little mommy makers :)

After I slapped forgave my hubby, I skipped out to do a solitary grocery trip and enjoyed myself immensely.

Fred Meyer was packed, which normally gives me a headache, but I was determined to have fun. I found a buy 2 get 1 free sale on potted herbs so I got 9 of them. (2 basil, 2 oregano, 2 rosemary, 2 thyme & 1 sage.) I like to dry them myself for use throughout the winter, a good way to save some $$. I gave myself a Cadberry milk chocolate bar, (yum) got a iced coffee and perused the flowers. Got myself some wannabe-Crocks for 40% off - they don't do my feet any favors (I have messed up ankles) but are awesome for gardening - the dirt that gets in them just falls out of the holes so you can walk around in your freshly tilled garden without a care.

I then had to get to my 'real' shopping...groceries. They were having an awesome sale,
Foster Farms whole chickens buy 1 get 1 free, store brand food containers 2 for $4, hand-held garden tools buy 2 get 1 free...and many many more. I spent way more than I usually would but stocked up on some great buys. It truly was a nice escape from the usual shopping with kids. I am surprised that I didn't go nuts with all the people there. Note to self: Mothers day weekend is not a good time to shop.

We all hung out together after I hied my fanny home - all in all, a great day was had on mommas day 08.

Now I gotta get that same fanny out to plant my yummy herbs. Well, after I eat my
favorite lunch of p'sketti noodles with garlic salt & a heap-0-Parmesan cheese. That and plan an extravagant daddys day to make Chris feel really guilty celebrate Chris.

Happy day after momma's day y'all!


Kate said...

Happy mother's day!

I am impressed that you can grow potted herbs. I just kill them. Right now we have a planter on our balcony with herb skeletons. It's just sad.

Rebekah said...

happy belated mothers day to you

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