Thursday, October 9, 2008


What happened to blogrolling? I was trying to read some blogs but my blogrolls are gone & their site won't pull up - boohoo.
Figures, I have time to read blogs for the first time in over a month but I can't get to any of them. Girrrrr!


So what's new in the Michels household?
Notsomuch really.
Chris is back to work after more than a week off. We are anxiously awaiting next week when we'll have a normal paycheck are our creditors & utilities (a'hem) =)
The kids are still loving school. Sam is doing very well, much better than last year. I won't ever regret keeping him in kindergarten, so far he's really blossomed.
The twins adore everything about their class & teacher. She can do no wrong in their eyes (unlike dumb'ole mom ya know) & have fitted right in. Even Eli, my rambunctious terror has been following the rules. Well until yesterday, that is. Seems he tackled a kid & bonked his head on the floor. He got a time out for that but truly I'm surprised it didn't happen on the first day! But they made up & all is well. Good thing he's so dang cute!
I'm trying to adjust to the new season. Seems like 2 weeks ago we were in the 90's & now it hardly gets over 65. We keep the house pretty cold to try & save money so I'm in long johns, sweats, t shirt, mock neck, sweatshirt & 2 pairs of socks. I do ok in the morning when the heater is on frequently but in the afternoons I do nothing but shiver. I try to remember my summertime mantra; I'd rather be too cold than too hot, it's easier to warm up than cool down. But it's hard to remember that when your thermostat is set at 63! Really though I do love fall. All the leaves, the crisp air on sunny days & wintertime just around the corner. Much welcomed after the sweltering heat of summer.


It feels good to be writing again. I've missed it (and you!) as an outlet - cheap therapy is always welcomed around here.
I hope to be visiting you all soon, if blogrolling & time will allow it =)


Mari said...

It's good to hear from you again - I've missed you! It's cool here too - it was 49 when I left for work. Glad school is going well and it's great that you hubby is working.
PS - you need to switch to Google reader - my blog lists there are working fine!

Doris High said...

It was good to hear from you again. It seems like a long time since we met in the restaurant.

I notice that you are also on Facebook, so I added you as a friend.


Anonymous said...

Don't know anything about blogrolling, I just go to everyone's website. Am I old fashioned?

Kate said...

Oh, I miss fall! The only place it gets to 65 is my classroom. It was still in the 90s today. Oh well, I'll be really, really glad in January.

You're on Facebook? Be my friend? =)

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