Friday, July 25, 2008

Adah on wildlife, bike savings & my kitty blogs in his sleep.

I had a funny conversation with Adah this morning while we were lounging around in bed.

"Dragonfly is going to come in & get us. They fly, they’re birds."
"But they don’t have feathers, only birds have feathers."
"Yes they do!"
"No, birds have feathers but not dragonflies. God made them with wings but no feathers."
"Well, we will have to take the feathers from the birds & give them to the dragonflies."
Isn't she sweet? Poor naked birdies!
It’s a great start to your day when you have to wring out a load of laundry by hand to put into the dryer. Our WM has been on the fritz for awhile & it’s starting to drive me nuts. Sometimes the spin cycle does not work all the way. I open the thing & the clothes are just sitting in the bottom, not all stuck to the walls like they normally are. It’s especially great when there are towels in the load, most especially, bath towels. Then it takes 2 cycles in the dryer to get them dry. Fun!
I got to thinking about the bike today. (BTW, my pal over at Organized Doodles asked a few particulars about this gem. It's a Suzuki SV1000 2003, 996cc's, top speed of 177) Seems like every time Chris gets home I ask him how his ride was & he says "my butt hurts."
I so want to smack him for that, he's the one who wanted the dang thing in the first place! I go through moments when I'm ok with it but most of the time I resent the dagnabbed thing.
So I thought I'd figure out how much we've spent on the thing so far. (Cos' I needed to fuel this fire, right?) These are all approx figures but I think a lot of them are on the low side.
Down 300
Insurance 30
Jacket 100
Helmet 80
Backpack 50
Rear tire 300 (!)
Front tire (2 weeks later) 150
Total 1010

Hmmm, what was it we spent on his gas pre-bike? 800 if I remember correctly, and the above list does not count gas for the bike so far. I didn't feel like looking all that up so I left it off the list. Yes most of these expenses are a one time deal. (I don't know how long tires last on this baby but I hope it's a looong time!) And we must remember that he will only be able to ride until mid to late October here. I'm NOT letting him ride once the frosts hit. So all winter we will be paying insurance & payments (about 190 total) for something sitting in the garage. Kind of like we're doing for his car right now.
So as of now we are over 200 in the hole for this thing plus gas.

My sweet lil smudgie was watching me blog & fell asleep - I keep the laptop propped up. In my head it won't get quite as hot that way :)

Isn't he cute? He's grown a lot since we got him, it will be fun to see how much he weighs at his next vet visit.
Then Sam came over asking if he was awake & 'had' to pet him. Woke him up just enough to switch positions.
And he ended up like this.
All in all, not a bad blogging companion. He sure doesn't interrupt like the kids do!!
Have a wonderful weekend y'all!


Mari said...

He's the cutest blogging companion ever!

Rebekah said...

LOL, Smudge! I love the name...

Anyway, I agree about the bike. My SIL bought a junker car a few years back to save on gas/miles on her car. It never made much sence to me because she had to buy the car, put tags on it, pay for insurance.... and when they SOLD it 6 months later, they only got about 1/2 of what they paid for it.

Vanessa said...

Adorable kitty and I do the same thing with my laptop, try to keep it elevated for venting purposes. The bike? I'd be more than a tad resentful!

Swishy said...

Awwww ... those are such cute pictures!!

Boringo said...

I'm a guy, so at the risk of being gay, I'm gonna say that your kitty is awfully cute.

I'm still trying to convince Shondra I need a motorbike... so I'm not letting her read this blogpost.

Luv ya cuz!

Anonymous said...

So what do people think about the author, does he sound convincing enough to go ahead with a purchase?
Dear Moderator, I hope you don't delete my post. I mean no harm, just being weird.
I once was a boy and now I'm a girl. Do you know what if feels like?
This page rocks, keep up the good work.

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