Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The big boy's new toy

This is our latest acquisition. Chris is having fun with it although that's not why he bought the thing. The plan is that it's going to save us oodles of money on gasoline. The jury is still out as it's financed & we are paying for 2, and insuring 3 vehicles. Of course, this means that we will always have something sitting in the garage, not being used, but because we still owe on it we can't drop the insurance. *sigh*

Can you tell I'm not 100% on board with this thing? I think it would have been more prudent to keep saving until we could put like half down on one...but that's just me. Chris was convinced this is the only way we can save on his commute - cutting expenses in other areas just won't be enough in his opinion. We don't have a choice as to how far he must drive, he has to go where the job is, that's just the nature of construction. Also, living in a rural area means we typically pay more for gas than city dwellers and we have to drive more/farther than they do. Chris figured that we paid out over $800 in the past 30 days - zoinks!

So he's like superman in the kids eyes now, they were SO excited when he rode up the driveway. Eyes as big as saucers & squealing like crazy. Of course they all want a ride but it's going to be a few years until that happens. None of them are reliable enough to hold on & lean into turns etc.

I'm looking forward to getting a ride too - but I'm going to wait until I'm satisfied he's experienced enough. Most likely that will be after he thinks he's experienced enough...I tend to be nervous on those things & I need to completely trust & be sure in my mind the driver is ready to handle a passenger. But I do love to ride, the freedom, the power, the...well the speed is what really does it for me!

We still plan to get our fun bike when we're older. I wanna be a Harley chick someday. Subaru chick just doesn't sound the same.

Here's Sam sitting with daddy

And Adah

And Eli

And me looking quite dorky in the helmet.


Mari said...

I think cycle sales are up. It will save you on gas costs for sure, but it is our jobs as a wife to worry!

Vanessa said...

Helmet is most important thing. Saving gas money does no good if you pay it out in hospital bills instead. (stepping off soapbox) Have fun and be safe!

Boringo said...

Get radical. Sell a car.

I've been really wanting to get a motorcycle as well. Currently, my commute is about 50 miles round trip. HOV lanes in Houston are open to motorcycles, so it would save gas AND I'd get to work quicker.

I'm refusing to go into any more debt, however. I don't have the cash to buy a bike, not only that, but there's all the gear I'd need to get. Helmet, jacket, gloves, rain gear... Yeah, what's the point of owning a bike if you can't ride it EVERY day.

Instead, I've opted to ride my bicycle. It's about 5 miles to the park and ride bus station and I've been riding my bike about 3 days a week. Saves on gas and has the nice bonus of making me healthier. It wouldn't work for Chris, though. He has a much longer commute.

AlaneM said...

Yeah, and there's no bus service in the middle-o-nowhere Washington!

He got a jacket with protective stuff in the elbows & a good helmet. And good life insurance!!
(Ok that sounds bad but we joke like that in our family. Sick, I know.)

Rick said...

Oh, we boys and our toys. Nice ride!

Now Alanem, if this was your husband writing this post he would have included, the model of the Suzuki and size of the engine. (Kind of like women when they talk about babies, lenght and weight are important.)

I'm waiting for the news report to come out that says the sales of motorcycles has gone up because of gas prices. I think that there are a LOT of men out there that are waiting for any practical excuse to buy one, and a way of convincing their wives that they "should" have one.

We live in a rural area, and I know what you mean about higher prices.

Give him a little time and then go for a ride! You'll love it and you look good in a helmet!

Rebekah said...

I even thought about a cycle for myself (save on gas)- But I have hit one too many deer and I don't think I want to try that on a motor cycle.

Anonymous said...

Awesome bike! By the way, you look gorgeous in that helmet. Your husband is a blessed man to have such a sexy wife. You should definitely become a bike babe!

Kate said...

You're totally working that helmet!

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