Wednesday, July 2, 2008

100 things, part 1

I feel so cool that I can do one of these now - I'm like a real blogger now baby!

O' course I'm not going to come up with them all now but at least I'll get a start on it.

First and foremost...

1. I love the Lord my God with all my heart and all my soul and all my strength.

2. But I'm still very much a sinner & fail Him all the time!

3. I thank God for His grace & mercy every day - without His giving me those all day every day I would be sunk for sure.

4. My 'vertical alignment' is this: God first, family second, friends third, & me last - although I don't always achieve this...see # 2.

5. I would have job in #4 but as a SAHM, my family is my job so I didn't list it.

Some favorites:

6. I love daisy's - I like them (& most flowers shaped like them) above all others. They just make me smile every time.

7. Blue is my fave color. I like all the shades but a deep iridescent cobalt really does it for me.

8. My favorite flavor is vanilla.

9. My favorite smell is the top of each of my kids' heads.

10. My next favorite smell is vanilla.

11. I have 2 things that tie as my favorite thing to do in my spare time. One is reading & I bet you can guess what the other is...and yes, I'm doing it right now!

12. My favorite blogs are, in alphabetical order: BECAUSE I SAID SO, Confessions of a CF Husband, FriedOkra, and Scribbit. I love love love all the blogs I read but these are my absolute, if-I-had-to-cut-out-all-but-4-which-would-they-be list.

13. I'd tell you what my favorite food is but it changes frequently.

14. My favorite movie of all time is the Wizard of Oz. It was the first movie I saw in the theatre & the first time I saw anything in color. It made a huge impression on me and although I've seen it approximately 947 times I never get sick of it.

15. I do not have a favorite animal - I love just about everything that breathes be it mammal, reptile, name it, I like it. I don't like many bugs (the hollyhock weevil is my current nemesis) but bugs like the praying mantis or walking stick are extremely cool.

16. My favorite place to vacation is the Oregon coast. I love Washington state but the coast? Oh man, Oregon has it beat hands down! The area around Newport & Depoe Bay is the best in my opinion, I could go on & on but that would be a whole post in itself.

17. My favorite place we've lived is Cle Elum.

18. My favorite genre of music is jazz & my favorite genre of jazz is swing/big band.

19. An amendment to #15 - my favorite bird is the hyacinth macaw.

20. My other favorite movie is Labyrinth. In my teen years I watched it (with my BFF of the time) just about every weekend. We both had a thing for David Bowie and the relationship between Jareth & Sarah. I still know every line in the film but can no longer do it without watching the movie. I have also lost the ability to do Ludo, Hoggle, & assorted other characters I was good at mimicking.

Whew, that's hard work! I'm going to do this in several installments & after I get to 100 I'll put them together & link it in my sidebar. It might take me forever though, just in case you were wondering.


Scribbit said...

Ah listen to you! How sweet! Thanks!

Kate said...

Very cool--thanks for sharing! I'm looking forward to the next 80. =)

I love vanilla, also, but I still don't like the Wizard of Oz. It's a really cool movie, but the witch/neighbor and the flying monkeys still give me the creeps.

Mari said...

Well that was a fun first 20. I love Fried Okra too - both the blog and the person!

Joanne said...

I just LOVE vanilla too. The smell, the taste, it is Heaven sent if you ask me.

Swing/band music rocks! My husband and I took a swing dance class last year. I am addicted.

So now I must go and try out the different blogs you posted.

I will tell my husband that you ok'd the extra time on the blogosphere.

Love, Joanne :O)

Vanessa said...

Hey, Happy 100th!

MilePost13 said...

Thank you!

Rebekah said...

Interesting. Cant wait to find out more.

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