Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Prayers pretty please

Ok, I have a million things to do today, we are going to a family reunion on Thursday & I have a lot to get done before the trip.
So this morning I gave my email a quick check before attacking my list & found a message from our bank that we are overdrawn -by almost 400 bucks.
Jumpin Jehoshaphat, dagnabbit, frickin' frackin, and a big oh poop!
I went over my grocery receipts for items I can return & raided the coin jar - that plus the money I can take out of my other bank (vacation fund, emergency fund) will just barely make up the difference.
This took me forever, between finding stuff & just sitting here stunned & now I have even less time to get the new emergency stuff I must do plus me to do list done.
I would appreciate any prayers you could send our way. That we won't get in the hole again before Chris gets paid on Thursday, that we will have enough for our vacation (we ARE going no matter what!!) and that I won't kill Chris for not keeping up with the accounts. Oh, and that I can get my list done & the kids won't be a problem today.
Thanks guys, you are the best...I'm off to put a band aid on a severed limb :)


Mari said...

I'm so sorry. I feel your pain because I did that last week. It's so frustrating and expensive too. I'm praying!

Kalynne Pudner said...

You're not alone, in either the prayers or the experience. We're shuffling balances among credit cards all of a sudden, for the same reason. Too bad the kids just don't seem to "get it." Have a great vacation, regardless!

Vanessa said...

Good luck with your band aid and I'm sending a little super glue your way too! Good luck, it's happened to all of us but is never fun.

Sandra said...

I'm praying for you and you're not alone, I've had this happen to me before and it was horrible. Happens to all of us.


Kate said...

Oh no! That is the worst. And like everyone else, we've been there, too. You're going to be ok.

Munchkins and Music said...

I saw in your profile you like jazz. I just had to come and say hi. I love jazz also!! Good luck doing family reunion stuff!

Julie said...

Sorry I haven't dropped in for a while - I was just checking out your recent posts and just had to comment on this one...

I can TOTALLY relate to this - I am the "keeper of the checkbook" in our house, but my husband has a debit card. There have been more than a few occasions in which I have had to practically beg, borrow, and steal (okay, not really steal, but to just say beg and borrow doesn't deliver the same effect) to get our account back in order. I think the worst one was right after I had Puckey. I had scheduled all of our important bills to be automatically paid on their due dates and made sure there was enough money in the account...and hubby ended up using the debit card and caused a HUGE mess in our account.

In this economy, it's so easy to become over-extended!

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