Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A mamma's pride

Today in a nutshell.

Mid morning:
Adah pooped in her underwear (on purpose) again. This is a child that will turn 5 at the end of the summer. She gets badly constipated & the doctor put her on Mirilax for 6 months. The first goal is to get her cleaned out. (Isn't that a nice thought?) The second is to allow her muscles to return to normal function. So I'm expecting some gross undies for awhile but this girl would walk around all day in poop filled undies if you let her. I am completely serious about this...a few times she's done her deed while playing outside & we don't smell her until later in the day & the undies are crusted onto her lil butt. That can't feel good can it? I just don't get this girl!!!

Just before lunch:
The kids are all outside playing. Adah comes in yelling something at me about boys & the mail so I go look out the slider door & they are over by the road. I say calmly yell at them "Get back here, don't you go to that mailbox!" Sam says "well, there isn't any mom." Isn't any what? "Are you telling me there isn't any mail?" After further investigation it becomes clear to me that my boys, ages 6 & almost 5, walked past the neighbors house to the busy road where our mailbox stands. Fantastic! They got a nice big lecture and a time out in which they were to think on said lecture. Most likely they thought about the dead bugs on the windowsill instead but hey, I tried.

Right before nap time:
As I'm talking to Adah, Eli comes up to me with a wet hand & says "Mom, Sam peed on my hand." "What??? Did you wash it?" Sam interjects "I didn't pee on his hand, I peed on his shirt!" Like that's better or something. "Sam were you peeing outside again?" "NO! I peed in the toilet mom, not outside." "So you peed on Eli in the bathroom?" "Yes, in the bathroom." "Eli, why where you so close to Sam in the bathroom that he could pee on you?" (It would be hard to do that in our bathroom, the toilet is in a corner with walls on either side.) *sigh* "Ok, Eli, do not go in the bathroom while someone is using it and Sam, don't pee on anyone please." BOYS!!

I started writing this during nap time & gave Sam a small writing assignment to keep him busy. I've now had approximately 536 arguments with him about it as apparently I do everything wrong. "No mom, that's not how Mrs. A does it, it's wrong mom!" I learned that when he says 'mom' I'm to say 'what' nicely. I'm also rude, mean & I don't love him. I sound like an absolute ogre - who knew?


Mari said...

Just another day in the life of a SAHM! What a day you've had. I hope tomorrow goes better. These are all things to remember and remind them of when they have kids!

Kate said...

Oh my. Someday you'll chuckle about this. Right? =)

Rebekah said...

Some days just are no good, are they? My girly went through a poop in her pants thing a few weeks ago. Last night I praised her for making it to the bathroom and not messing her pants. She looked up at me and praised me for not yelling at her anymore.

I had apoligized to her at the time (when I got upset at her) But I still felt bad.

Wani said...

Thanks for your comment on my Love Lets Live post. I ache for you and those like you who didn't get proper guidance when you needed it and made that choice not really knowing what you were doing. I'm sure there are alot of readers out there who would benefit from hearing your story if you choose to share it! Isn't it good to know that we have a loving and forgiving God who can bring glory to Himself through any circumstance?

Boringo said...

I love boys. I would have peed on both of them to teach them a lesson, then that would have degraded into a huge pee fight which would end up with us farting, laughing at each others farts and then rolling around in our own urine.

Maybe there is a reason I don't have kids.

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