Saturday, June 21, 2008

The imagination of kids or planes, trains & automobiles

As I was saying goodnight to Sam a train went by, prompting this conversation:
Sam "Mom look at that train."
Mom "Yup, they go by all day long don't they."
S "I rode on that train."
M "You did huh?"
S "Yeah, I rode on it when I was 100 years old."
M "When you were 100 years old! When were you 100 years old?"
S " When I was 164, 2, 68!"
M "Wow!"

Then I moved on to Eli, after dragging him from the window (watching the train) & wrestling him into the bottom bunk.
E "Mom I don't wanna sleep in my bed, it scares me. I wanna sleep with Sam!"
M "No Eli, you need to learn to be brave & face your fears. Mommy & daddy are right downstairs, Sam is above you in his bed, Adah is in the next room and Jesus is always with you."
E "Mom, you have to bring your bed up here."
M "There's nowhere to put it Eli."
E "Yes it will, you can put it in the toy room."
M "No, it won't fit in the toy room."
E "Put it on the stairs mom."
M "That would be silly wouldn't it!"
E "You can put it in the road."
M "What?"
E "You can put it in the road & it will rain. That will be silly!"
M "That would be very silly."
E "And then a car will come & break that bed and then it will squash your head & jump right in this house."
M "I think you are very silly Eli."

Next was Adah's turn.
A "Mom where's grama?"
M "On the airplane going to France."
A "A big airplane."
M "Yes, very big and & they will be on it for a long time. They will eat on the airplane, and maybe read a book and even sleep right there in their seats."
A "Grama's on the big airplane going to her vacation."
M "Just like grampa & grama told you."
A "Grama will have cheeseburgers for dinner."
M "I don't know what they will have but maybe a cheeseburger."
A "A cheeseburger and macaroni and cheese."
M "Wow, that would make for an interesting dinner."
A "Can we have macaroni and cheese mom?"
M "Nope, it's time for sleeping.

Then came my favorite part, the part in which I head down the stairs, anticipating the quiet peacefulness of a house with sleeping kids. But then the chorus began:

"Goodnight mom!"
"Goodnight mom!"
"Goodnight mom!"
"Goodnight mom!"
"Goodnight mom!!!!!"

Which they will continue until I respond with: "I can't hear you anymore!!"

Ahhh, peace.


Mari said...

This is a great conversation from all three to have documented, so you can remember it later. They are all so funny and what a memory for later years!

Kate said...

I love it!

Except for the part about a cheeseburger on a plane, because that sounds vile. Even mac and cheese would probably be gross.

Rebekah said...

Love conversations with kids. Bed time routines- it wont be long before I wont have anyone to put to bed. (I remind myself that often)

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