Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The L word

So I know that title got you thinking but really the l stands for LIST! You were thinking I was gonna post on that show didn't you...HA!

(Yeah, yeah. I know I'm the only one who fall's for that kind of thing, (sigh).)

In keeping with yesterday's list (drumroll please) Foods I hate.

1. Peanut butter. Yes I know that everyone else in the known world loves this foul paste but I'm not one of them! I loved it as a kid & my Mom thinks I like, OD'd on the stuff when my sisters were born. This was back in the day when mom's stayed in the hospital for at least 3 days so my Dad was in charge of feeding my 3 yo self. I'm sure you can get the picture - all pbj all the time.

2. Monster cookies. This goes along with #1. These are cookies which have a HUGE amount of #1 in them & to me they smell hideous. I used to hide in my room with a towel under the door to keep from gagging. Yes, I'm serious - I would actually gag!

3. Chipped beef on toast. Again, a food I loved as a kid but as an adult, ewwwwww!!

4. Liver & onions. I don't even need to comment on this one...yuck, yuck & double yuck! (although Chris loves the stuff - what is wrong with that man?)

5. Giblets. I hate heart, liver, pancreous, intestines & whatever other icky organs they can pull out of a bird. (Yes, I know pancreous & intestines aren't in there, but they might as well be ;) To this day my Mom hates my stuffing & I hate hers, nuff said.

6. Eggnog. Not technically a food but it is something ingestible that I can't stand. Of course, the rest of my family loves it...thankfully for me it's only around during the holidays.

7. Anything involving insects. Not likely to come by in the US - but wait...

I KNOW - Guh-ross!!


Rebekah said...

Im with you on the onions and liver, but Peanut Butter and Egg Nog??? I love em, love em love em. I even wrote a post about egg nog last Thanksgiving.

Mari said...

You may be right about some of those, but monster cookies and egg nogg - they are so good!

Rachel said...

I ditto you on all...except long as it is Jif

Sandra said...

I may be the odd one I LOVE liver and onions LOL AND I love peanut butter and eggnog.

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