Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Toilets & disposals - urgh!

I needed my man today but alas, he was at work.
He used to be an apartment maintenance tech so he's very handy & can fix just about anything.
Me? Not so much. Actually not at all.
So our dumb toilet got clogged today, not once but twice. Technically this would not be considered a difficult thing to fix, but I have an aversion to anything gross. Not good in this situation which was indeed, very gross. But I sucked it up & fixed said toilet the required 2 times. A very important task as we only have 1 bathroom to serve our household of 5 people.
I was working on the dishes with the 'help' of the twins. The sink was full to the brim & they love to share the task of fight over rinsing the cups & bowls. We got done with that & Eli was turning the disposal on & off at my direction, when it made a different sound for a second & then stopped altogether. And the sink stopped draining. And started filling with water from the dishwasher.

Uh, oh!
My dishwasher was already running by that time & I couldn't stop it - we needed those dishes to use for lunch & dinner. (Did I mention that the sink had been full?) So I grabbed a plastic bucket & bailed out the sink when it got too full, crossing the house to the bathroom & emptying the icky water into the shower.
Mr fixit called to tell me he's on his way home. I told him about the fun awaiting him. He asked me to describe what happened. Then tells me to feel under the disposal. Under it??? Ewwww! I do it and to my surprise it wasn't gross and there was a button that when pushed, presto, made the disposal work again. Mr fixit will put his hand IN the disposal later & clean it out (you will NOT see me doing that, I'm sure some kitchen gremlin will turn it on when my hand is down there) and we'll be good to go again.
From time to time I complain about him but...
Dang, I got me a great man!

Edited to add:
Forgot to mention the saucer my daughter broke in the kitchen.
And my oldest just clogged the toilet. Yes, AGAIN!


Rebekah said...

I HATE sticking my hand in the disposal. It's so gross and slime-eee. Yuck

Kate said...

Sounds like my house. Except there's no one to blame it on but me. I am a menace. I'm always blocking up the sinks and then running the water when hubby has Drano down them.

I can use the plunger with the best of them, but I am afraid of the disposal. I'm not afraid of it turning on so much as whatever sliminess is down there.

Scribbit said...

An overflowing toilet is at the top of my Things I Hate list--I feel for you.

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