Wednesday, March 12, 2008

And now for something completely different

I don't know what that title is about, it has nothing to do with what I'm blogging about here. Just a wild hair I guess.


This is something that ticks me off. I'll wait for you to go read the story (if you even need to) & look at the top picture, you need to see it before I go on. You might want to click on that picture to get the full impact.

Does that look like a happy woman? I don't think so! The way I see it that's a clear (insert explative of your choice) #%$&-you look. (Sorry, that's not a very Christian thing to say but I'm going with my raw thoughts here) Now why on earth do they make the wives stand there next to the husband looser that just betrayed her & the entire state (or whatever)? I don't understand why she is expected to 'stand by your man' when clearly she'd rather be shooting darts at his picture or something of that nature. SO WRONG!!!

And what is in this idot's head. How could he think he would get away with it? I heard on All Things Considered yesterday that he virtually caught himself. After 9-11 he insisted that the software program which flags transactions for suspicious activity was made much stronger. It used to flag only transactions over 10,000 but now it looks for patterns of transactions that could be suspicious. He was doing exactly that, transfering the money in 2,000 incriments & got flagged. Ummm, whoops!! (to hear the story click here then click on listen now, it's quite interesting)

Sorry for going off on this but I'm just mad about it. It's not fair that she has to put on her game face & stand next to him when it's nothing but his fault. How embarasing.
PLEASE pray for his wife & kids. I'm sure they are in a huge amount of pain right now. And remember, as I clearly need to, look at the plank in your eye before you bug someone else about their speck (cringe).


Mari said...

I feel bad for her too, and how awful for their kids. They are innocent in this, but will always be known as the kids of the guy who...
I thought that was quite a look too!

Kate said...

I'm still so horrified that it's hard to speak coherently about it. He is such an example of people who think that the rules don't apply to them. I doubt he cared that he was betraying his wife and daughters (and the people of his state), that he was breaking laws, etc.

Can I say it? "Honey, about your college fund..."

And don't get me started on what I heard about people saying that the wife wasn't meeting her husband's "needs." Seriously? So, it's a magical sexual trick that I can perform to make my husband not stray? Not him having integrity or our marriage vows or communication and all that?

And you're right--I must examine what I am doing in my own life that I would like to hide.

Kalynne Pudner said...

The sad thing is that "Now for something completely different" is plainly inaccurate. It's not completely different. Just ask Hillary.

(No, I'm not supporting her campaign, but there are circumstances in which wife-hood transcends party politics, aren't there?)

Rebekah said...

I felt so bad for her. I dont know the detail of their marriage so I haven't really put much into why she is standing by him. But my heart goes out to her.

He definitely supplied the rope to hang himself. And deservedly so

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