Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I give up

Ok so reality is setting in & I am forced to face the fact that I will not be posting a list every day. This is a very me thing to do. Get all gung-ho on an idea & then after a week or so I fizzle out & feel guilty. But I've decided to change one thing...not guilt myself to death about it. I shall go on my merry way, skipping & carefree, free to be you and me... Ok not so much the skipping & carefree. I'm a mom for gosh sakes & we are required to worry! I will post lists again but only when the spirit moves me. That one a day thing was just too much like homework & I'm like, allergic to homework! I mean , geez, what was I thinking!?!

And now, for your watching pleasure...

Hope you enjoyed your trip down memory lane, I sure did!


Kate said...

That was so weird to SEE! We only had the record and the book. My husband was "in" with my sis when she asked him if he liked the story about Dudley Pippin and he responded, "Which one?"

"Far Out!" said the Tiger Chief.

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