Thursday, August 14, 2008

Stairs & bedding & closets & rods & kids...oh my!

My kids are way to creative.

Sam: "Mom, we slid on the covers!"
Mom: "Uh, where did you slide?"
S: "On the covers."
M: "Yes, you told me that but what did you slide down?"
S: "With Adah & Eli."
M: "Ok Sam I get that but where in the house did you slide?"
S: "Down the stairs."
M: "So that's why Eli is crying."
S: "Yeah, I bonked his head." (laughs)

I then make them (while listening to the whining apparently required of the task) take the comforter back upstairs & put it on the bed where it belongs. And explain why it's not such a good idea to slide together down the stairs on the (expensive) comforter (that grama bought) but that it is ok to 'bump' down the stairs one at a time.

I'm such a killjoy.


While I was finishing up the above I began to hear screaming & crying from upstairs.
Oh goody.

Mom: "What is going on up here?"
Kids: "We were swinging in the closet & it fell & bonked."
M: "Swinging in the closet & it fell? How exactly were you swinging in the closet?" (already knowing the answer but needing to hear if from the culprits mouths.)
K: "The stick in the closet."
M: "The stick eh?"
K: "Yeah, the big heavy stick."
M: Not such a good idea then, was it?

I should explain that the 'stick' they were referring to is actually a huge metal rod. While they were swinging from the 'stick' the thingy attached to the wall that holds it up there got worked around until it turned upside down & the 'stick fell right out.
No serious injuries thankfully. Just a few Small bonks & bruises.
Kinda poetic justice if you ask me :)


Did I mention that one of the shower doors fell off from a broken screw this morning...before I took my shower?

Can I go back to bed now?


Gina@Chats With An "Old Lady" said...

Just checking in on you! thank you for your comment recently on my "hormones" post. Please don't be discouraged...just pray that the Lord would help you respond correctly, and then choose to do it. It's so awesome because it can begin right now, in the very next situation you are can choose! Isn't that cool???

Let me know how you are!

Mari said...

You've had quite a day. It's good you are writing this down. These are great stories to tell their kids someday!

Kate said...

Oh my. I can't wait for my offspring since I'm an adult and I'm still a menace. My favorite was when I was running up the stairs (as usual) and I fell (as usual) and hurt myself (you get the point). I was crying to Ryan and he calmly asked me "When you were doing what?" I less calmy responded. &^%$#!

Rebekah said...

LOLOL- kids are creative. I heard a noise come down the hall the other day. I calmly said to Chuck "Suzie is standing on top of her closet shelves"

"No she isn't" was Chuck's reply as he hurried down the hall

And yes, she was standing on her top closet shelf. She is going to break it one day and bonk her head a good one

The Broken Man said...

But sliding and swinging are such good fun! ;)

The Broken man

Doris High said...

Your children do keep your life quite interesting. Say hi to them from me. :)

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