Saturday, August 23, 2008

100 things part 3

I have been a very bad blogger this week. I haven't written a thing & while I've read most of the blogs I follow, I've not commented much. I thrive on comments, it's like getting a hug or a gift from you so when I'm not giving them out I feel like a looser. I'm hoping with the twins in school 3 mornings a week I'll have some me time & get more consistent.

Life's been busy, getting kids ready for school next week (yay!) & dealing with money (ugh!) has taken it out of me...not to mention issues of the female variety. Oh yeah, and my babies (Adah & Eli) turned 5 yesterday. I'll have pics coming soon - my dad has a way cool fancy camera so he was in charge of pics at their party last weekend & I have to wait for him to send them. Those retired people are soooo busy you know. (Yes dad, I know you really are busy :))

I can't wait for Wednesday, when the kids start back to school. I think I'll drive the twins the first day, they are going into preschool so I don't want to just throw them on the bus their first time out. Don't know if Sam will want to ride the bus or come with me - he was very proud of being a bus rider last year. Sam is repeating kindergarten so things might be interesting until he settles in. It's the best thing for him but I'm not sure how he will handle seeing his pals from last years class on the other side of the room. (K & 1st are in the same room for half the day.) Anyway, I'm very much looking forward to 6 hours alone every week.


Ok so I'm very thankful that nobody pointed out what a dork I was in my previous 100 things post. I completely forgot that when you end with 20 your next list should begin with 21- duh!! I never claimed to be the quickest woman around but that was just sad. My excuse is that I gave my brain cells to the kids. Yeah.

41. My love language is receiving gifts.

42. And I'm a pack rat - not a good combo - I even have a hard time throwing out greeting cards.

43. I'm a perfectionist that is completely disorganized (no wonder I'm such a mess!)

44. I like things that are unusual, extreme or silly.

45. Example of #44 - My favorite dog breeds are the Yorkie & the Great Dane. I once had a snake as a pet - her name was Phoebe. I'd love to have a female bulldog named something really girly like Penelope or Abagail - just cos' bulldogs are not cutsie or girly at all!

46. My mind is SO blank right now.

47. I was once robbed at work.

48. I love to sing - it's kinda like breathing for me. Chris & I once had a conversation on which we'd rather be, deaf or blind - I picked blind because I can't imagine not singing along with any music I hear.

49. I just joined Facebook - it's almost as addicting as blogging. This is not good people!!

50. But I did find some old pals from my HS. It's fun to see how they are doing & see pics of them & their families.

51. If I could only stay away from all those fun applications I'd be ok.

52. But hey, maybe I can lure them over here.

53. I love to get mani/pedi's but rarely can we afford them.

54. A Friend of mine in town will be graduating from beauty school in September, and she's doing nails - Woo Hoo!

55. Next year, when the twins are in school full time & I can get a job I'm SO getting my nails done. I love to have pretty nails but my natural ones are wimpy & break all the time.

56. In HS I had a pair of lavender hi-top Converse with purple laces. I wore them all through HS & they were covered with drawings of Daisy's, smiley faces, peace signs & many versions of "I love __." They eventually were held together with layers of duct tape after the soles started coming off.

57. My mother hated those shoes - she tried to throw them away multiple times & I rescued them as many times. I hauled them around for years after I quit wearing them. I wish I still had them, it would be fun to show them to my kids someday.

57. I wore holey jeans in HS. So holey I shouldn't have been left out of the house. One pair had a hole in the thigh that was roughly the size of a football. Another had no butt anymore, just the seam. I wore boxers or long johns with those ones.

59. When I got a new pair of jeans I would lay them out on our patio & spray them with bleach to accelerate the holes. My favorite pair was one I slit the side seams out of, then punched holes & laced them up the sides - so cool!

60. My mom hated the jeans as much (if not more) as the shoes. She also hated the fact that my sisters thought that was a good idea too. (love those 80's fashions!)


Hope y'all'r havinn a great weekend!


Kate said...

I thrive on comments, also. =)

I loved hearing about your fabulous 80s fashion. I had some holey jeans, but nothing that exciting. I was not very cool.

Mari said...

Hope things go well with school this week. You were robbed at work? Sounds like something to post about!

Vanessa said...

I always wished for Converse like the ones you describe, but my Mother would never allow it. Yeah, I had "that" Mother. :(

Anonymous said...

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