Tuesday, July 15, 2008

100 things, part 2

Are you ready for a new installment of things about me? I don't think I'm all that interesting but I started this crazy thing & I'm-a-gonna finish it! Personally, I'd rather hear about you - but since I'm the one writing this blog, I guess it's up to me.

20. When I was a kid I always wanted to be a wife & mother.

21. I thought I'd be married right out of High School but my boyfriend(s) at that time did not agree, much to my disappointment. (For which I am now extremely grateful.)

22. I didn't get married until I was 28 - 4 years after my little sisters, who were 21 when they married.

23. My sisters are twins & 3 years younger than me, they got married in the same year, 1 month apart. We all lived at home at the time & it was all wedding, all the time. Dad & I seriously thought about getting an apartment until it was all over.

24. A lot of people asked me if I was jealous they were getting married. My pat response was "Why would I be jealous? I have no desire to marry T or N!"

25. Then Grama got into the act at a family dinner with out of town relatives. The talk inevitably turned to wedding stuff & I said "Ugh, all I ever hear is wedding, wedding, wedding, could we please talk about something other than the weddings?" My dear beloved Grama said in front of God & everybody, "Don't worry dear, your time will come." Wha??? So NOT what I meant Grama, thank you very much for embarrassing me & making me look like a pathetic looser!!!

26. I met my hubby on AOL. Sometime I'll blog about it but the short story is this: Met online late Oct, face to face early Dec, he moved to WA early Jan, married early May. Not something I recommend but it's worked for us :)

27. I lived in the same house until I was 20 & lived there again from age 22-26. My parents still live there.

28. Nicknames I've had: Alien, Laney, Laney-poo, Hota-lou, Lane, Al, Laners, Norm, Roomie, Pookie, & my all time fave, Precious, which is what Chris has always called me.

29. I've never lived anywhere but WA state & only in 5 different cities. Kirkland (2 locations), Seattle (5 locations), Cle Elum, Kittitas & Sprague.

30. I sang in an award winning jazz choir in High School but never learned to read music.

31. I have learning disabilities that were not diagnosed until 10th grade.

32. Most of my house is 103 years old - the newer part is from the 1970's.

33. We live 2 miles from one of the best fishing lakes around & don't even own a pole. *sigh*

34. I have had 4 best friends in my life & was rejected by or grew away from 3 of them. (1) Stacy from Elementary school got too 'cool' for me after we hit Jr High age & broke my heart. I still think of her parents as mama & papa C - in my heart they will always be my other parents. (2) I met Micki at a family camp & we were glued at the hip all through High School. We grew away from each other at the end & I don't know if I'll ever understand what happened to us. I still miss her & wonder if we will ever be in contact again. (3) Jenn was my pal during my mid to late 20's. We worked together & were roommates for awhile but our friendship was doomed by a lot of lies & deception. We won't go there though, all has been forgiven & I still hear from her now & then. (4) I have been so blessed to find my current BFF Leah right here in the lil town of Sprague - she is a real God-send & like a sister to me. We hit it off from day one & can completely depend on each other. Leah, I love you & thanks for the Oreos today!

35. I have never been to a foreign country except Canada (which doesn't really count if you ask me.)

36. I have been to all but 13 states but don't ask me what they are! I don't remember most of them cos' I was too little. The only ones I know for sure I haven't been to are Hawaii & Alaska.

37. With my hubby I have been to Oregon, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa & Missouri. And WA if you want to count my home state :)

38. We would like to visit each state someday. I want to travel internationally too but I think it's important to get to know this great Country of ours first.

39. When we retire we plan to see the world via short term mission trips. I just think that would be a great way to really get to know the people of other nations. We want to do the tourist stuff too but want to make a difference while we're there.

40. I got saved in 1994 In Spokane at an Amway major function.

Well, there you go, there you have it, items 20-40 of my 100 things - hope you like reading it as much as I liked writing it!


Rebekah said...

Did you say Amway? My first husband and I were in Amway, as well as my parents, for a few years.

I too, would love to travel the United States. Maybe someday when the kids are grown and gone- but I would love to be able to do so they could go too

Mylhibug said...

Traveling the US of A with the kids is GREAT fun! At least when we stop and get out of the car. :)

looking forward to 41-100.

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