Friday, June 13, 2008

Love those 80's

After only the 329th time of humming the Golden Girls theme to myself today I thought: "Hey, 80's sitccom theme's would make for a great blog post!"

Yeah I know, I'm a quick one I am.

Anyway, tonight I'm-a have-a A-Z sitcoms party & drag you along with me into the 80's. (Just think of it as a vacation without all that aquanet.) My sisters & I used to sit in front of the tv & sing the songs in harmony. Fun times least when we weren't fighting over which show to watch!

So here's the theme for Golden Girls. I know I'm not starting with A but since I had it in my head all day I think it's fitting I start with it.

Sofia was always my favorite, so sassy & cute!

I thought this one was so funny!

And how can you resist Tom Hanks in a dress?

I always thought the other guy was cute...check out those legs!

Ok dumb show but I sure wanted Charles in charge of me!!

This was a household fave for years. I think it's got one of the best theme songs ever, my sisters & I always harmonized this one.

I was sad to find that every (and I mean every) Cosby show theme had the code disabeled so I cannot share with you the 80's sitcom. If you are so inclined, go to youtube and look up the cosby show opening season __ and you can find all of them. (My faves are season 4 & 5) loved this show & still do. Most of the 80's show's that I've seen re-runs of I've not liked as much as I did back in the day but this one? Just as good as the first time. I've got the first season on my netflix queue & I can't wait for them to work up to the top of the list.

So my consolation prize is this

I SO wanted those shades!

I love Judd Hirsch, such a funny guy.

I couldn't find a theme song for this one but this is a great clip.

That woman could tell someone off like I've never seen before or since! And the hair, oh the hair! I swear those ladies had the biggest hair you could fiind on TV! Bit of trivia for you, Jean Smart (Charlene) lives in WA state & I got to shake her hand at an alzheimers walk fundraier - she's a lovely lady & so passionate about alzheimers research. I told Chris I met her & he had no clue who she was or what show I was talking about - men!

What chu talkin bout Willis?

I liked this one a lot. The fact that I wanted to be Kristie McNichol had a lot to do with it.

So I'm thinking that since I already have 10 clips here and I've only gotten through the letter D, this is going to be a multi part post. I just don't have enough time to do the intense research required of such an important post sit on my butt for hours on end looking at sitcom clips & missing out on sleep. Youtube is like chips, you can't stop at one (or 2 or 387). Yup, I'm going to bed a tad late tonight!

Stay tuned for the next installment & have a dandy day today!


Mari said...

What fun to look back at those old shows. I loved them too!

Wani said...

you gotta love flashbacks!

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