Thursday, June 5, 2008

BBB day 2.2

Do over day today!!

From now on I'm only concentrating on my babystep & my de-cluttering. I need to keep it simple right now & throwing in the pressure of doing my whole to-do list (no matter how small) was just too much for my poor damaged psyche.

So BBB day 2 is Get dressed to lace up shoes & read 2 minutes of her e-mails. (There are a lot of e-mails with FlyLady.) Check. Except that you're supposed to do this in the morning. I did it at about 2:30 PM. She also includes do your hair & face in done, face is done all the time as I don't wear makeup (I know, weird) except for Sundays & special occasions.

I am walking with BFF today but not until after the last tee ball game. I'm picking up the boys from school in a few minutes (so I better get this done quick) and we're gonna eat early at her house before the game. She is taking my place tonight at a meet-n-greet for the committee that is trying to get some kind of health care clinic here in town (Woo-hoo!) We both wanted to go to both things but since that's impossible we shall devide and conquer.

I'm doing my 15 min de-clutter after the walk.

And PTL, I'm having a MUCH better day today :)


Kate said...

I'm so glad that you're doing better! A do-over day is always good. I like that! And I don't often "do" my face. Taking the time to use tinted sunscreen is rough, although I often curl my lashes and put on mascara. But often I don't. I am much too lazy. My students barely recognize me with makeup on. Truly, I once had a kid walk into my classroom and then walk back out to see who the sub was.

And I don't do my hair, either. I keep it long so I can tie it up and still look neat. It's usually still wet when I get home from work. Did I mention that I'm lazy.

Anyway, I'm glad you're feeling better and good friends really do help make things easier, don't they? =)

Kate said...

P.S. The story about the kid not recognizing me--I was standing in the doorway and greeted him. And he did not recognize me. He walked in and then walked out to see who the lady in the doorway was. Ha!

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