Friday, April 18, 2008

How do they do that?

I've got a question for y'all. Anybody have much experience in the fundraising arena? Our Elementary School is trying to raise money for new playground equipment & I want to help but have no $$ and no idea where to start. Keep in mind there are only about 40'ish kids in the entire school & well under 500 people in our town.
We very much need new equipment, I don't know when the current stuff was installed but it's completely outdated & I'm sure does not meet current safety codes. We have one of those dome (shaped by triangles) things, a set of twirling bars, monkey bars, a swing set & 2 teeter-totters. They are all metal with no coatings or anything - very reminiscent of what I played on as a kid.
I found an online magazine fundraiser that might work & I also like the lollipop idea (cheap & easy) but I have a hard time taking the first step.
Any ideas?


Wendy said...

This is my first time visiting your blog (found you through comments on michelle & manic's blogs).

I wish I knew how to give you links. Definitely don't try what these women did at

My son's elementary once sold Smencils (scented pencils) and they sold out in no time flat. We also did Hats Off for Kids With Cancer (perhaps Pay to Party for Play Equipment - and have each kid pay $1 to participate in a lunchtime party).

Best of luck. I'll visit again.

Sandra said...

I have NO idea about fundraisers.....but I know that back in Idaho, Jasmine's base school used to do a Carnival and they had all these games and sold cookies and hotdogs and stuff to raise money.

The whole family used to go and have fun and they raised quite a bit of money.

Wish I could help more. Good Luck.


Donna said...

Here is my advice, do it big do it for the whole town and do it as free as you can!
You can start with a something-a-thon, you get all the kids to say they will walk, run, jump skip, hike whatever until they drop and get every person they know to pledge an amount for each whatever they do.
Then on the day of the whatever a thon tack a good old fashioned small town big blow out carnival where the tickets are 25cents each and the rides are all one ticket. Get the local bouncy dealer to offer their bouncer for free or half price (for the kids!) Get Dad's to offer things like hay rides (a tractor or truck and a trailer goes in loops around the school). Someone can build different bean bag tosses (or the school might already have some). A cupcake walk (more to give away). A dunking booth (make sure the principal and the mayor sign up!) I'm sure you've been to carnivals, just pull as many strings so your output of money is minimal!
Get the local mom and pop donut store to sell their world (at least county) famous donuts for the carnival and then give half the money raised to the school. Get everyone in town to donate a freebie to a silent auction.
Do a school or town street party, get 2-3 local bands to play and close off the street and party all night for a cover charge, then charge for drinks and food all night. Or hold this in the school play yard to show where you want the new equipment.
Did that get you started!

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