Sunday, March 2, 2008

A great daughter

I am not!

It was all planned. I was going to call Dad in the morning & have the kids sing him happy birthday. I did it for mom just 2 days ago, how could I get his wrong?
But I did & I have been doing it for years.
I simply cannot get it into my head that Dad's birthday is on March 2nd, not March 3rd. I even have it on the calandar.
I feel so bad!
Mom called tonight & said "well, get the kids together so they can sing to Grandpa."
Oh crap I did it again.
Good thing he loves me!

Happy Birthday Dad, I love you!!!


Rebekah said...

Happy birthday to your dad. We share the same day.

Mari said...

I do this kind of thing too - I have such good intentions, and then... I blopw it!

mylhibug said...

I always call my mom in September for her birthday.... in July! Then I call my dad for his birthday, sometime later... his birthday is in August! Let's not talk about Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc...

Hey, at least I call, right?

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