Sunday, March 2, 2008


So bug tries again turned me on to this month of lists thing from this site. Well, it's really 12 months of topics but this month's topic is lists. So I'm going to join in although I'm already a day late. Hope this isn't too boring - I had to think of something that would be quick.

Car's I've owned

1. AMC Matador early 70's - this was really owned by my parents but I was the sole driver of it. It was poop brown (no, I'm not kidding!), ugggggly and a great first car. Dents? They just add character. I named it bbps (big brown piece of s***) & had great fun piling all my friends in & hanging out in my beast.

2. Chevy Citation ??- the worst car I've ever owned. This thing had so many problems, I hated it! It died every time you slowed down - at stop lights I had to put one foot on the brake & one on the gas to keep it from dying. It would also surge at inconvient times & you had to stand on the brake or it would take off on you. Then the hood wouldn't open...then it wouldn't close. Then the hood flipped up while I was on a highway...I'm sure you can imageine how much fun that was!

3. Honda Civic 1989 - this was my first good car. It was a hatchback that I got in 1991 & I had it for almost 10 years. I put a ton of miles on it & it was in at least 3 accidents but it kept on going like the energizer bunny. However, in the end it had lots of problems (go figure) and my mechanic thanked me when we finally got rid of it. To this day late 80's civics bring up feelings of nastolga in me.

4. Geo Metro 1996 - I inherited this when I married Chris. It was a gutless wonder & we were not sad to see it go!

5. Honda Accord 1996- good car, boring, first 'grown up' car.

6. Dodge Caravan 2001 - this is the car I drive to this day. My parents bought it for us when we found out that we were having twins. The Accord would no longer cut it for us, we needed more room for the car seats. It's carried our family faithfully for the past 5 years & I love it still.

7. Big ole beater truck late 70's - My hubby bought this baby for hauling stuff. It didn't last us long, we had it less than a year & it died on us.

8. Chevey 3/4 ton pickup late 70's - big, loud manly truck. Similar to the above truck but in much better shape. We still have this but only use it when necessary - hideous mileage as you can imagine but much fun to drive out in the sticks.

9. Toyota Celica 1996 - This is a cheap commuter car for Chris. Worked great for almost a year. We had some work done on it then discovered it needed a new engine - poop! It's now sitting in the driveway waiting to be donated.

10. Chevy Caviler 2004 - Chris's new commuter car, gets great gas mileage, hooray!! However, I'm not crazy about having a car payment again - we've not had one for about 5 years. I guess it's the price you pay for a car that won't break down 9 months after you buy it. (knock on wood!!)

So there you go, all the car's I've owned. Now don't you feel like you've learned something? Yeah, not my most inspiring post by a long shot.


Rebekah said...

Its neat to see what and how many kinds of cars people have owned. I did a post on all the cars I've owned about a year or so ago. I think my list was up to 13 or 14... but now that I think about it, I didn't list Chuck's three trucks that I was co-owner of.
Have a good day

mylhibug said...

I am so using this idea!!! If you don't mind, of course. :)

We have a similar taste in cars, I see. Well, at least some of them.

Now where can I squeeze this idea in... you will just have to see, I guess. :)

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