Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Maybe next time

So I had a great idea for a blog Monday night - did some brainstorming & jotted down my ideas & everything. Was going to work on that like crazy on Tuesday.


I woke up in the middle of the night...and discovered that my darling children had given me their lovely bug. You know, the one that makes you throw up your toenails? Yup, that's the one!

So I spent yesterday on the couch, trying to do as little as possible. Thank goodness Sam is in school now so I only had to deal with the twins. They, of course, destroyed the house. They so know when they can take total advantage of me. Little brats, I mean, smart kids that they are. (still don't know how to do that strikethrough thing - if anyone wants to enlighten me help yourself!)

Eli got into the tape. For some reason he loves to tape straws to pencils & call them swords or fising poles. So he climed on the counter & raided the straws, then taped them to every writing empliment he could find. Then he broke the tape thingie & just stuck the tape all over the house. (Me, feebly from the couch) "Eli, put the tape away. Eli, ELI! Oh forget it!" (falls asleep)

Then one or both of them decided it would be a good idea to empty the Kleenex box all over the living room. Nice guys! Oh, Daddy was a happy guy when he got home!!

I have to send out kudos to my dear friend Leah. She saved my life & brought the twins lunch for me. Cold cereal in the morning I could (barely) handle but pb&j - not on your life! She also brought Chris dinner later, what a gal!!

I'm feeling better today. I was able to start drinking gatorade last night & eat some white bread. Had some tea & toast this morning. I might even throw some stuff in the crock-pot for dinner. That is, after I take a nap...


Joanne said...

Ok, this post just cracked me up. I loved it when you called your kids brats...hee hee. Really, it is the only word that fits sometimes, isn't it? I remember when my daughter Meghan was born (my first), I had the stomach flu five times in 2 years. Every time she got it, I got it too. It was just insanity. I remember when I was sick and lying on the couch, she crawled into the kitchen and I watched as she opened up the cabinet door and dump out our Mr. Frydaddy. It seemed like gallons, no drums of oil spilling all over my kitchen floor. I thought, "Really, is this what parenting is all about?!?" Cleaning up dirty used grease was such a joy while running to the bathroom every few minutes.

Keep these memories close to your heart. They will bless another mommy someday my friend!


Beck said...

You're very lucky indeed to have such a good friend - I hope you're feeling better now. xo

Anonymous said...

I love you sexy woman!

Kate said...

Oh, man. Being sick is the worst! I'm so sorry!

This reminds me of the one time my mom let me in the bed with her when I was sick and I thanked her by barfing all over the bed and dust ruffle so she had to pull the whole thing out to wash it and then wrestle the mattress to get it back in. I can't wait until it's my turn...

I can't type in how to do the strikethrough because it thinks I'm trying to do it in this comment. Email me and I'll tell you. It's super easy! =)

AlaneM said...

Just so nobody thinks some psyco is stalking me...the I love you comment was made by my DH. I told him to sign his name but he thought he was being funny...Goofball buy!!

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