Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Oh, Ralph!

So here's the latest in the Michels family sick saga.
Eli puked.
He puked a lot.
At 11:30 at night.

Why do kids always get sick in the night? What trick of nature makes them do that to us? I know God can't have anything to do with this phenomenon. He has a good sense of humor & all but that would be taking things way to far!
There is just nothing like being wakened from sleep hearing your child cry out "Mommy, I frow up!" The first thing I think is "oh crap!" The next thing I think is "I hope I have a lot of clean towels handy!" Then it's "I wonder if I can get out of cleaning & get Chris to do it?" Yeah that'll happen!
Thankfully in this latest incident I was not asleep yet so I didn't have that frustration to deal with - but it still sucked big-time!
Then there's my man, he runs around hysterically, trying to make me move at super-human speed in these types of situations. Good grief, it's not like we are trying to beat a clock or anything! But such is life...
So we got through is & he has not had any further episodes. Had a bit from the other end...but I don't think you want to hear about that do you? Yeah, me neither...too bad for me!!

I'll end with a (now) funny story from my childhood.

I was about 5 or 6 & woke up sick in the night. I threw up all over my bed & the floor but I didn't wake anyone up cos I wanted to clean it myself. So I made my little way down the hall to the kitchen & got a washcloth to wipe up with. I remember Mom getting up but not much else -she remembers it a smidge differently.
She tells me that she heard me in the hall & got up to see what was going on. She not only found my 5 (or 6) year old self trying to clean up a HUGE mess with a washcloth, but also little puddles of barf going down the hall & into the kitchen. Apparently I wasn't quite finished, sorry Mom! I'm sure she was completely exasperated with me at the time but now it makes her laugh...especially when I call her whining about cleaning up after my kids.

I wish y'all a barfless evening!


Rebekah said...

Why is it that kids get sicker as the night goes on. Gracie has the flu and of course her fever spikes all night long.

When my kids puke my first thought is usually "can I get the carpet clean?"

Sandra said...

Isn't that so true? Why not get sick during the day? It's always at night and then you get woken up from a good sleep for it LOL

When mine throw up my first thought is always "Oh please let it be on the floor and not on the bed" LOL

Swishy said...

Yuuuuuck. It's true, it's ALWAYS at night, huh?

mylhibug said...

Gross! I would have been right there puking though - I can't even stand the sound of someone puking. At least it does happen at night when I am sound asleep, so...

I'm such a bad father, aren't I?

Anonymous said...

You should read my 'vomit' post! :)

I TOTALLY do not handle vomit!!

Hang in there!

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