Wednesday, January 6, 2010

In which my writing skills go out the window...

I ended the day feeling good for the first time in days. I made some headway in my training & I think I may just finish most of it by the end of the week & keep TB happy. That's the plan anyway. (fingers crossed, knocking on wood)

My struggle right now is that I'm so dang tired. Tonight I'm going to bed before the kids, I plan on doing some studying in bed but at least I'll be in the right place. I usually hang out with Chris & watch a show or 2 online after they go to bed but when I do that I end up not getting to sleep until about 11 & that ain't cutting it sleep wise. (you can tell in the writing of this post - usually I take the time to revise it until my thoughts flow better & I have halfway decent sentence structure but tonight I'm so tired I just don't care.)

I'm off to supervise homework now & then straight to bed...nightie night y'all!


Jessica said...
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Kate said...

I'm not going to try to sell you anything. Just keep going. New jobs are always hard for me. For the first week or two I come home whipped. I'm the same way with new semesters.

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