Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I dream of...Michelle?

The other day I had this crazy dream about one of my favorite bloggers, Michelle from My Semblance of Sanity. It was one of those really vivid dreams that make you wonder if it really happened which is weird for me. The only dreams I ever remember are nightmares - with the exception of when I was pregnant & when I was on the nicotine patch. At those times I had extremely vivid dreams but not ones I can repeat in polite company, if you know what I mean. (wink, wink, nudge, nudge.)

So I'm in my car with my son Eli just out & about running errands. We see a sign for a kids craft place & decide to stop in & check it out. It turns out to be this huge room off the back of a house. So we go in & ring the bell to let them know we are there. And who comes out of the door but Michelle! I was so excited. I mean, I've wanted to meet this woman for the longest time but she lived so far away. I didn't understand how we could come to be at her house but hey, who's gonna argue?
So she had shelves & cupboards full of papers & paints, glues & glitters, anything you could think of to use for kid crafting, she had it there.
We get Eli started on a project & she invites me into the house for coffee. So we hang out & chit chat for awhile, checking on Eli from time to time (because we all know what Eli can be like!)
Finally he's done creating stuff & she goes to walk us out to our car...but things have somehow changed since we've been inside. We've gone from a suburb area to a rural setting & we are now on a ranch with horses & cows all over the place. I ask her for a tour & she shows us all over their operation, they've also got chickens & a few goats (strangely, just like some friends of ours back in Cle Elum...) & it's just a beautiful setting. Then she says "I've got one more thing to show you...the guest cottages."
What? Have I died & gone to heaven? She's got cottages & you can actually stay here?
Oh. My. Gosh!!!
We go & have a peek in one & it's absolutely charming. All decorated with antiques & homemade quilts, just like I would do it. *sigh*
I've got to get home but she gives me her brochure & I promise to call her soon.
Next we seem to do one of those dream time-warp things & I'm arriving at her place with some girlfriends for a weekend getaway.
Michelle greets us & gets us all tucked into our cottage. It's just the right size for us all & we are looking forward to a weekend of much laughter & fun.
We have dinner (catered by Michelle's cook, how cool is that?) & go over to the big house for an evening of crafting fun. She's got it set up so we can scrapbook, make cards, or a centerpiece for our table. She joins us & we spend the next few hours being creative & laughing until our faces hurt.
The next day we go for a trail ride on the horses & boy you oughta see the cowboy guiding us...whew! He chooses the right horse for each of us & off we go. It was a great ride through some amazing country...our cowboy is charming & helpful, and tells us some great stories of ranching life.
Next is massage time, now that our buns are aching & we're all bowed-legged & sore from riding. (Of course, Michelle had a spa at her ranch...I mean, who wouldn't?) We enjoy our pampering & decide that tomorrow we might just need mani/pedi's too.
More fabulous food & crafting fun, and a lot more laughter shared by all.
The next morning we woke up & felt fabulous. We had breakfast & were just heading over to the stables to see the cowboy horses & maybe go for another ride when what should happen?

My dadgum kids woke me up.

Oh man...


Y'all should check out this post on Michelle's blog. Even though she doesn't really have a ranch with hottie cowboys & cute cozy cottages, she's got a dandy of a contest goin' on to promote her latest venture. Don't forget to let her know who sent you!!


Mari said...

Wow - your dreams are much longer and detailed than mine! My 25 year old daughter just called to tell me she dreamed I had a 20 pound baby! I think that's a nightmare!

AlaneM said...

OMGosh Mari that's so funny! I truly never remember dreams so this was really weird!

Anonymous said...

You could have left the Cowboy part out.

Rebekah said...

lol- I hate when I get woke up from a good dream.

I've had several dreams involving blogger friends I've never met. It's cool how our lives can be touched by people we dont know in person.

My Semblance of Sanity said...

Would you at least invite ME into the next dream you have about my very large ranch with CUTE COWBOYS and CRAFTROOMS??!!

Thanks so much for sharing this! If I had this kind of set up, you would be one of the first invited!! :)

Rachel said...

What a great dream!

Last week my husband said, I had the weirdest dream... I knocked someone else up and couldn't figure out how to tell you.

I looked at him and busted out laughing. I said, I had a dream too... I was pregnant and couldn't figure out how to tell you! :)

And too funny that I knew where you were from as soon as I read CLE ELUM... only Washington would have a place with that name!

Theresa said...

Wow, I NEVER have cool dreams like that. Did you eat some wacky food before bed? LOL


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