Thursday, August 7, 2008

"Mom, can we just go home?"

We left for Wallowa lake Thursday afternoon at about 1:30 and got there somewhere in the neighborhood of 7ish. The kids did surprisingly well, but I did get the title of this post from what Sam asked me repeatedly during the last 2 hours of the trip.

The route there was a new one for me & stunningly beautiful. I spent a lot of time praising God for giving us such a wonderful place to inhabit.

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My favorite parts were going down & back up again the winding roads into Lewston/Clarkston & at the WA/OR border. You can't see it on this map but if you zoom way in it shows the fun curvy roads that have stunning views everywhere you look. Another favorite was approaching Enterprise & Joseph with the Wallowa Mountains rising in the distance - it is just stunning.
Here's a slide show of the pictures I took on the way there...I'll tell you more about the drive when I get to Monday & our trip home. I didn't take as many pictures getting there, as I was trying to arrive before dark. Good thing too, finding our house was quite confusing in the daylight - I don't think I'd have found it after dark!


Kate said...

Wow, it is beautiful there! And those kids are stinking adorable. =)

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

Looks absolutely gorgeous there!

Heather said...

Hi: Really enjoyed your photo essay of the trip to Wallowa Lake. Bet the kids loved it. One point of geography--you were approaching the Wallowa Mountains where Wallowa Lake is located. The Blue Mountains are a separate chain of mountains to the west of the Wallowas.

Hope you can come back when the skies are not so hazy. The views are spectacular!

Thanks again--
Heather & Bill

Header image by sabrinaeras @ Flickr