Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Mari did a cute lil summertime meme & I'm jumping on board with it.

5 things I love about summer:
1. Swimming
2. Gardening (fresh veggies mmmmm)
3. Playing in the yard with the kids
4. Flowers, especially of the wild variety
5. Long, lazy evenings

5 things I hate about summer:
1. Temps above 85
2. Trouble sleeping cos I'm too hot
3. Sausage toes (aka swelling from the heat)
4. Kids that want to be held in temps above 85
5. It's too dang hot y'all

I think I had a theme going with the last 5 things. I do not do well in extreme heat & it gets pretty dang hot over here in the Inland Northwest. But although it's hot, I'm still happier here in 90+ weather than over on the coast at 80 with humidity. Now, I know Washington state is not known for it's humidity but I can feel it nonetheless. I have been to SE Nebraska/NW Missouri in late June & to Tennessee in August so I do understand what real humidity is about. But there's a big difference between humidity on a vacation & humidity in your daily life. I just turn into a human puddle & have a hard time even thinking when it gets hot & humid. So although my mom likes to tell me how much cooler it is over there in Western Washington, I'm secure in the knowledge that it feels cooler here despite the heat.

Like Mari, I'm not going to tag anybody. If ya wanna do it go on ahead & if ya don't, well then don't!


Rebekah said...

Ewww. I am with you. Kids wanting to be held when your clothes are sticking to you is Dis Cus Ting.

Other than that, I love to cuddle my kiddies

Vanessa said...

It's not so much the temps above 85 that get me, it's when they are above 95 and the humidity! Oh the humidity!

Mari said...

I hear you on the humidity - I hate hot and humid and it tends to get that way in Michigan!

Joanne said...

I'm gonna add to your list...mosquitos!

Joanne :O)

p.s. thanks for the prayers friend.

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