Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The tooth

Sam has had a loose tooth for the past week or so. He's been showing it to me a few times a day & even lets me wiggle it. Such a big boy thing, a few of his classmates have lost teeth so this is a very big deal for him.

So today he comes home from school & announces like every other day "Mom, I lost a tooth!" This is how he's been talking about it, as though the event has already occurred.

"Mom, I lost a tooth!" "Yes I know honey, your tooth is loose. Can I see it?" "No Mom, it came out and I blooded a lot!" I look in his mouth and behold, there is the empty space. My baby is officially a kid now. (sniff, sniff) "Cool Sam, when did it come out?" "At recess." "So where's your tooth? Is it in your backpack?" (Eagerly awaiting my first look at the pearly lil thing.) "No Mom...look I got a ball!" "So did the teacher look for your tooth?" "Yeah, but it was in the gravel & we can't find it. Mom, Mrs. L. gave me a ball cos I lost a tooth!"

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, my baby lost his first tooth & it fell in the gravel. That's SO not fair!!

I am so very sad about this. I've been looking forward to holding my first child's first tooth in my hand. I wanted it to happen at home, where I could wipe up the 'blooding' and comfort him if he needed it. What is it about the teeth that makes us want to save them? My mom has a little box with a few of mine in it. But if you really think about it, isn't it a little gross? Ah well, it's not the end of the world, he has a few more teeth to loose, right? And I have Adah's first tooth but that was over 2 years ago & a whole nother story! Hmmm, blog idea maybe?? :)


Kalynne Pudner said...

Aw, I'm sorry, Alane!

You want me to send you some of ours? I think there are a bunch under pillows waiting for the Tooth Fairy.

Rebekah said...

So sorry you missed holding his little tooth.

Your story reminded me of when Caleb lost a tooth. It was already loose and Chuck was wrestling with him on the trampline. Chuck ended up elbowing little Caleb in the chops and his tooth went sailing to the other side of the trampoline.

Caleb was so proud

Sandra said...

I'm sorry....you know Jasmine's first tooth I didn't get to see either, she actually swallowed it LOL

Boringo said...

Someone found a human skull laying near the road in Houston.


Maybe I'll see if they can send it to you instead. It probably still has a few teeth in it. And it's WAY cooler than baby teeth. Eli will LOVE it.

AlaneM said...

Toddy you are a stinker!!! But that's why I love ya so :)
And yes, Eli would love it. I'm sure it would be used as a soccer ball or something - gross!

Mel's World said...

Ahh...yeah for the BIG boy, boo for not having the tooth for mom to put away.

I have NO IDEA why we keep the teeth...but I still have all the teeth that both my boys lost (now I am thinking about why?).

Joanne said...

Ok, now I am sad for you too! But in the real world, I have probably seen at least thirty plus teeth so fall out in our little family...

I couldn't even tell you where any of them are.

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