Monday, April 14, 2008

Random thoughts & and an Eli'ism

I made ravioli a few days ago for dinner & this is the conversation I had with Eli about it.
"What you makin Mom?"
"I'm making ravioli, rrrrrrrravioli." (rolling the r's)
"Can you say that Eli, rrrrrrrrravioli?"
Over the weekend we went to my sisters to visit for a night & get our hair cut. My kids love seeing their older cousins, in their eyes B & L are the coolest kids on the planet. L is almost 12, B is 9 & they are both boys so there was lots of rough & tumble. They played basketball, ran around the backyard & pretty much blew up the basement.
I got my hair trimmed & my highlights fixed. The kids all got trimmed. The boys now look like boys instead of wild animals & Adah looks "so prrrreaty" after being sprinkled with aunt Margaret's princess glitter. She was in heaven!
I love to visit with Margaret & Trevor. Margaret & I hated each other most of our childhood & I used to beat her up on a regular basis. Come adulthood, Margaret & I are like best friends. We talk on the phone at least once a week & visit each other as often as we can. Trevor & I have a lot in common, so I very much enjoy hanging out with him & giving him a hard time.
Good family, good times.
It's raining today & I love it! This weekend was very warm. I'm told it was about 75 here, at my sister's it was 85 & I'm not ready for that yet! I grew up in Kirkland, across the lake from Seattle & had lots of rainy days. I don't miss having them for months on end, don't get me wrong, but I love me a good gloomy, rainy day every now & then. Great time to curl up with a blanket & a book, all cozy in my home.

List of things to do today.
Take a shower.
Call to get prescriptions refilled
Find an eye doctor & get Chris an appt.
Find a dentist. Been putting this off for a loooong time.
Make appt with vet for Gihli - he's been funny about his ears lately.
Do 43 loads of laundry.
Clean the kitchen.
Figure out what the heck to make for dinner.
Plan my menu for this week.
And the most blogs :)
Have a great day y'all!!


Mari said...

My day looks a lot like yours, except I only have 42 loads of laundry!
I love that Eli'ism!

Kate said...

I had 43 research papers to grade. Ugh. Grades are due tomorrow. Double ugh.

Is there any of that princess glitter left over? I think that would make me feel better. =)

Rebekah said...

lol, love the Ravioli imitation

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