Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Lunch with D

I got to meet a bloggy friend in person yesterday...what fun!

I've been following D's blog for some time now. She is a sweet lady who loves the Lord (and her family) with passion & takes some pretty great pictures to boot.
She and her hubby work with
Transport For Christ, a neat ministry that serves truckers. I don't know too much about them other than I've learned at D's blog so I've borrowed this info from their site.

Mission: To lead truck drivers as well as the trucking community to Jesus Christ and help them grow in their faith.

Vision: To provide an effective ministry to truck drivers throughout the world wherever there is a significant trucking industry.

Goal: That no trucker should have to drive more than a day without being able to find a TFC Mobile Chapel.

Neat huh?
C, (D's hubby) just outfitted a new chapel, made from an old semi-trailer, and they delivered it to Chilliwack B.C.
As I was belatedly following their trip Westward (through D's fantastic photography) I discovered that they had gone right past my town, how bout that? I left her a comment about it & she replied that they would be returning the same way & it would be nice to meet me.

Heck yeah!!
I immediately gave her my e-mail & the rest is history.
We had a lovely lunch together & then they let us climb around in the cab of their truck - the kids had a BLAST! (Did I say kids? I've always had a hankerin' to ride in one of them thangs so sitting in the cab was more for me - yup, I'm 5 at heart!)
She took some pics of us while they were here so go check out her blog not only cos it's great but also to see me & my dynamic duo :)


Mari said...

It's so fun to meet fellow bloggers! I'm glad you had fun.

Rebekah said...

That is so neat. I would love to meet some of my blogging friends.

eally said...

Wow that is so cool!! What an awesome ministry they have! How neat is that that you guys got to meet in person too....there are some bloggie friends I would really like to meet in person!

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